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1st March 2017:

VJ Clip Come back... 

Last year I've been so busy with my daytime job, it consumed all of my free time. Opportunities to create new VJ graphics were scarce. 
But in 2017 I will be back with lots of new stuff! This week I’ll start off with a new cool VJ clip every day! Plus some new free clips...

2nd January 2017:

Happy New Year!

Important!: (solved 7th August 2014)

I've experienced an technical issue when orders were paid through paypal. Sometimes an order was not automalically completed and I had to do this manually. Since I sometimes sleep, eat or go to the groceries, it could take some hours before you could access your downloads. But you get them allway's within 12 hours max. I've tried to solve this, but didn't find a solution. Sorry for the inconveniance.

(edit 7th August 2014): It seems Paypal changed something, payments are now properly communicated with my website. So the issue is solved 

4th January 2014:

Happy New Year!


14th March 2013:

Brand new website online!

Welcome on the brand new webshop of 3D VJ Loops. Since my old webshop was becoming very slow and desperately needed an upgrade, I decided to switch to a total new webshop system which is running much faster and smoother. I immediatly added four great new VJ clips which can be found in the "Metallico Flower" collection.

Now the shop is running smoothly, I can focus on more VJ Footage!

9th March 2013:

"Big things have small beginnings..."

Last year I managed to more than double my collection of 3D VJ Loops & Clips. Things moving forward slowly since I have to combine my "VJ clip making hobby" with earning money doing freelance work. But I have great expectations for 2013. I already finished four new loops and more are waiting for rendering. My site is getting more exposure and sales are increasing.

My goal for 2013 is to create 50! new bizarre, abstract cool mindblowing VJ loops & clips, so stay tuned.

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